Consulting and Other Services

Chef-K Consulting

Founder, Laurie Zerga is a sought-after consultant and speaker.  Assisting organizations develop programs to teach clients healthy habits. She has a strong corporate background that includes experience in strategic initiatives, interfacing with multiple organizational entities, from government, educational, business, and medical industries. She excels at program development and brings a powerful business link to community change.  Recently, she has been involved in healthy diet interventions within schools funded by public health districts.

Chef-K offers:

  • The business link to strategic community health initiatives
  • Leadership and strategy for innovative educational tools to develop and implement healthy diet programs
  • Plans to establish culinary and nutrition programs

Review some of the media tools we co-produced by clicking here.


Custom Courses

Looking to develop an enrichment class for middle school and high school students? Need a course to complement an existing program or address the specific interests of your audience?

Chef-K is the place to turn. We’ll listen to your needs, and develop a special course or session designed especially with your group in mind. We specialize in ethnic, special diet, and other unique subjects.  By combining existing modules, we can build courses that last an entire quarter or semester, giving students an opportunity to build on their growing skills.


Enliven Your Event

Bring Chef-K CEO, Laurie Zerga, to your event to educate your organization about the importance of teaching nutrition know-how to kids. Laurie will enliven your event and pique your group’s interest as she shares her passion for using culinary education to build kids’ self-reliance and pride—while ensuring they have the tools they need to make nutritious choices at every meal.

Pricing available on an hourly, project, or retainer basis.

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